We are trying to bring you something different from the high street mass brands that you see everywhere. In doing that we also offer some brands that are purely organic and others that follow ethnic principles right through the supply chain. We think that is very important but we also understand the price point has to be right for us and our customers, so we are constantly learning and in these very challenging times will look to source some slightly different brands for next year.

One of our brands is Hatley – very well known for their colourful raincoats and pyjamas and they say :-

Hatley’s DNA: There are two things that really make Hatley special. The first is our commitment to quality & the second thing is original design. Many fashion companies buy their prints from artists and secure the rights to a print for a season or two. At Hatley, under the direction of Nick Oldland (one of the three founding brothers) our team of illustrators creates fun and original prints. Hatley does not use anyone else’s prints, everything is original.  

Ethics & Sustainability; Unlike other brands that shout ethics and sustainable, Hatley really is, it’s just the core of their philosophy. Hatley PJs are certified GOTS Organic, GMO free, no harmful pesticides used and the entire supply chain is audited for ethical standards. Hatley clothing is meant to last, to be passed on and on, if you look inside any raincoat you’ll see a label for writing the child’s name. There is room for 3 separate names as it’s meant to be passed through the family/friends, if you’re going to buy a raincoat buy one and buy one that is built to last – Hatley’s.

Hatley is meant for generations and so that we can have a better world.


Couldn’t have put it better myself – so that’s what we are trying to do here at Odd Socks and hope you will all help us achieve that vision!