As September is now in full swing we have started to bring out the autumn stock for you to see. we have so many different brands its difficult to know what to highlight but firstly this week, as we seem to have had a lot of new babies we must mention our great British brand Emile et rose. Its absolutely gorgeous, always classic and comes with gift wrap and a box. Its the ultimate baby gift.

nate navy natasha


Mayoral also does the most gorgeous babywear, in the winter many items are the warm chenille style of fabric to give that extra warmth, always with a touch of class hat the Spanish seem to do so well

deer all in one doggies all in one


With blankets, nodpods, muslins, comforters and lots of other bits and piece we hope you can find the perfect baby gift at Odd Socks !


Always take a look in our window as we have many posters of things on in the area. one that had been brought in today is for French classes for toddlers and young children so if this of interest pop and look at the posters in our window