We are about to put in a winter order for our nodpods, the ever popular baby blanket with legs ! They have got a couple of new deisgns which we think are fab, but as always we like customer feedback so if you would like to comment on your favourites please do so on our facebook page or through contact us on our website www.oddsockschildrensclothes.co.uk , we love to hear from you. Also any feedback from customers who have had the Nodpod and loved it would be great to encourage others to try it



New Stock,

our Saturday team had a busy day and we now have lots of new stock out on the shelves for you to look at, all Brands have excelled this autumn with wonderful designs and colours and its always lovely to see the shop turn around into the new season. Hatley raincoats are selling well and some have sold out so don’t leave that coat shopping too late as you bet we will have some cold weather soon